Living Water Smart

Why Choosing US?

Choosing to be Water Smart outlines new policies and actions in water-demand management to help reduce use in the home, schools, businesses and communities. This section also recognizes the importance of getting the science and information we need to make good water decisions. This means using western science, as well as social science, community gathered information and traditional knowledge and perspectives from First Nations.

British Columbia has one of the highest per capita water use rates in the world. As our population has grown, as industrial activities have expanded, and as agricultural demands have increased, there is often not enough water where we need it, and too much where we don’t. The time of abundance is over. We cannot afford to waste water.

B.C. will continue to experience periods of tight water supply and face increasing demands. Using water more wisely is the key to a sustainable water future for everyone; fortunately, we have a lot of room for improvement!

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