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Learn the Tricks to Pick the Right Vanity for Bathroom Renovation!

Often people get carried away and end up overdoing their bathrooms by not picking the right vanity. A proper vanity is ideal to cater to the aesthetics of your home. Now, simple finding one attractive in the catalogue wouldn’t ensure that it’ll look good on your bathroom. Hence, before hiring your selected bathroom contractors, here is are tricks to pick the correct bathroom vanity for recreating the luxurious bathroom feels –

[Note: Bathroom vanity falls under two categories built-in and freestanding. So depending on your requirements your contractors will help you pick the one most suited to your available space.]



  1. Bathroom aesthetics

If you’re primary concern is bolstering modern restroom aesthetics then ask your bathroom contractors to get a built-in unit for your washroom. Offering crisp minimalistic lines this will give the room a classy clean look. Now, if traditional bathrooms work for your aesthetic sense, then again go for freestanding vanities to help blend into your unique bathroom décor.

  1. Bathroom proportions

The bathroom proportions are very essential to realize the kind of vanity to pick. Let’s say you have a spacious bathroom then it’s best to pick a built-in vanity. The reason being, these built in vanities provide more surface areas with more storage space. Hence, even if they take up more area built in vanities add style quotient and boost convenience too.

On the other hand, if your bathroom space is limited, it’s best to ask your bathroom contractors for freestanding units to improve spaciousness. This spaciousness will enable more room for flexibility with designs and styles.

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  1. Plumbing locations

Most people usually go for a vanity with an integral basin. Now, while picking the vanity it’s vital to ensure the positioning of the hot and cold water pipes. If not chosen properly extra amount will be spent on plumbing which will increase your overall cost.

Now, the above scenario is more plausible for those installing inbuilt vanities. For those picking freestanding vanities, the option of customization is available which makes it easier.

  1. Considering Durability

When it comes to the question of durability numerous bathroom contractors advise to pick built-in vanity. The reason being, these last longer than freestanding vanity, as the surface area exposed to wear and tear is considerably less. Moreover, if you have children present then it’s best to opt for built in vanity to prevent furnishing from being damaged.

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Now, only if you’re confident that no one at home will affect your bathroom furnishing then only go for freestanding vanity.

Moving on, these are the various factors that’ll help you decide which bathroom vanity to pick. Anyway, depending on your budget you can either go for mass-produced units in stores. However, if you’re ready to invest a bit more then contact your bathroom contractors today to get you a customized vanity.

Customized vanity offers then chance of less wear and tear, and bolsters aesthetics like no other. You can choose from various styles like factory-made quartz countertop or the natural stone look.

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